individually based on the opportunities and limitations of your project site

Inovative project design and engineering team

Designs for future expantion and upgrades 

Quick turnaround, because we know time is money

Specifically designed for indoor cultivation

Utilizes Advanced technolgy

Fully integrated controls

High performance throughout all conditions

Unparalleled reliability

Fully integrated into air distribution system

Removes 10x more humidity then commercial grade dehumidifier

Maintain precise dehumidification settings through growth cycle

Fully integrated environmental controls systems

Precisely control entire cultivation environment

Monitor and adjust remotly on any PC

Fully graphed and data logged

Custom fabricated ducting

Built to fit specific project needs

Air evenly distributed throughout cultivation floor

Combination of defuser types

Adequate filtration are a must in a quality cultivation project. We have visited many cultivation projects having problems with Powdery Mildew and upon further inspection found the filtration system was not adequate.

Emergency service when you need it

Maintenance service to ensure systems remain reliable

Reliable service dept. We will be there when you need us

Los Angeles California cannabis cultivation & critical climate HVAC experts

Industry leading consulting and engineering

Industry relationships with reps, support techs and contractors

Flexible contribution level, we can help as much or as little as you need

Let us help you reach your goals

We operate an equipment and supplies division

We build state of the art equipment designed specifically for indoor cultivation

Delivered directly to your project site

We provide tech support and start up assistance