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Controls determine how the integrated climate system operates to meet our design goals. Climate and environmental controls are the most critical piece of the climate control system,

without them, the equipment just looks cool.

We can install custom standalone controls for temperature, humidity and heat. Or we can install a fully integrated environment control system. Custom standalone controls will include multistage commercial digital controllers for temperature and humidity. We locate all of the controllers on a centralized board with sensors in each room, so you can see and control each room from a central location. This system works great for climate control but all adjustments need to be made at the controllers and

cannot be accessed remotely.

  Another option is to utilize a cultivation environmental control system. With this system you can precisely control every aspect of your environment. You can make changes and monitor the rooms on the fly and even access the system remotely. So, if you want to tighten a dead band, raise humidity or simply monitor the rooms you can access the system on any computer on or off site. Alarms can be set to notify you of abnormal conditions. All settings can be scheduled through an entire growth cycle and you can change settings based on any conditions you find beneficial to your strain, such as different humidity settings at night and during the day. All monitoring is saved and graphed so that you can see what’s working, make changes and when you perfect conditions for optimum yield you can mimic those conditions on other grows or in other rooms.

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