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From Concept to Cultivation

 end-to-end solutions for controlled environment agriculture

design, equipment, construction, and operations


Critical Environment Experts Los Angeles
  • Individually based on opportunities & limitations of your specific project 

  • Innovative project design engineered for indoor horticulture

  • Experienced design team, partners & crew

  • Quick turnaround - we know time is money

  • AC specifically designed for indoor horticulture environments

  • Equipped with advanced & fully integrated control technology

  • Maintain precise temperature settings regardless of conditions

  • Designed and built for high performance & reliability

  • Fully integrated into air distribution system

  • Removes 10x more humidity than a commercial grade dehumidifier

  • Maintain precise dehumidification settings throughout growth cycle

  • Fully integrated environmental control systems

  • Control your entire cultivation environment with precision

  • Monitor and adjust from any PC or phone remotely

  • Includes detailed graphs and data

  • Custom ductwork fabrication

  • Built to fit your specific project needs

  • Evenly distributed air throughout horticulture floor

  • Combination of diffuser types

  • CO2 distribution to enhance vegetation structure & growth

  • CO2 monitoring ensure proper levels in each room

  • CO2 purge systems

Services HVAC Specialists Los Angeles Cannabis Climate Control
  • Emergency service when you need it

  • Maintenance service to ensure systems remain reliable

  • Reliable service department - we will be there when you need us

Mechanical Design HVAC Specialists Los Angeles Cannabis Climate Control
  • Industry leading consulting and engineering

  • Industry relationships with reps, support techs and contractors

  • Flexible contribution level, we can help as much or as little as you need

  • Let us help you reach your goals

  • We operate an equipment and supplies division

  • We build state of the art equipment designed specifically for indoor horticulture

  • Delivered directly to your project site

  • We provide tech support and start up assistance

  • Hospital grade Merv 17 HEPA systems

  • High capacity U.V. Germicidal lights

  • Prevent PM & mold spores before they become problems

  • Remove 99.97% of particles and pathogens

Critical Climate Filtration Los Angeles Cannabis Climate Control


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90 Lt Flower Project Critical Climate. Los Angeles Cannabis Climate Control.


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